Spring Deadlines

Sales Closing:

 March 15th

Acreage Reporting:

 July 15th

Production Reporting:

 As Soon As Harvest Is Complete

Initial Plant Date

Final Plant Date


April 10th May 25th


April 25th June 10th


April 16th June 15th

Late Planting Period:


CORN - 20 days after final date**

BEANS - 25 days after final date**

**Guarantee is reduced 1% per day during late planting period.

Prevented Planting:

60% of guarantee for BEANS
55% of guarantee for CORN

You can add a +5% or +10% option to your prevented planting guarantee
(must be selected by sales closing)


Fall Wheat Deadlines

Sales Closing:

 October 1st

Production Reporting:

 November 14th

Acreage Reporting:

 November 15th